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Image motifs for every room in your home

November 08, 2012

We're a visual culture. From the most ancient of cave paintings pre-dating the written word as we know it by millennia to our modern films, comic books and video games. As much as we rely on the written word in our everyday life, our most immediate visual connections come from images, signs and motifs. This is one of the reasons so many homes have rooms designed around themes - but why not take it one step further and decorate a space all around a single image?

Of course, as visual creatures we appreciate the natural world for its vast array of beauty. Primary among these is hardwood. The swirls and whorls of the solid red oak in Anderson Floors' Cimarron collection show off what nature has to offer. Deep colors with patinas of bold hues and grains, this is the perfect hardwood floor for any room in your home.

But what motif should those spaces take on? From paintings and wallpaper to ceramic figurines, prints and color schemes - consider some of these options.

Disregard the usual gendered and ubiquitous pink and blue overtones with highlights of teddy bears, trains or dolls. Instead, why not adopt a garden motif for the space? Whether you choose to go with a floral theme or that of a vegetable patch, mix your bright hues with vibrant greens to grant the space a sunny feeling of germinating plant life, full of potential and growth.

Especially in the summer, the feeling of a cool breeze or the clean scent of salt water is the ideal ambiance in the bathroom. Going with a seaside motif, with beaches, lighthouses, gulls, boardwalks and sand can freshen up what is otherwise often a smaller space.

Depending on the size of your kitchen, you may want to go with wider or narrower motifs. A small kitchen with a tiny breakfast nook may benefit from a tea and biscuits theme, whereas a larger kitchen might want to settle with something more ambient, like cornflowers, painterly still lifes or even a library theme with plenty of cookbooks.

If this is the space you most often kick back to watch a game or movie, why not use those two pastimes as influences for your motif? From a sports team-themed home theater to a movie-poster spotted space, you're sure to find the look you want.