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New hardwood floors and three more quick, drastic facelifts for your home

October 30, 2012

Sometimes drastic measures are called for. Have you ever walked into your home and been convinced you needed to tear the whole thing down and start from scratch? Ever wish you could take back that wall color or just completely alter the upholstery of an entire room? Fear not, there are plenty of relatively quick and painless facelifts you can administer on your home. With a little help and a free weekend, any of these tasks are sure to revitalize the look of your home - and just in time. From hardwood flooring to ceiling paint, consider these four options.

1. Flooring
Anderson Hardwood Floors is a premier American flooring manufacturer and has been for the better part of a century, so it's no wonder that they offer the ideal assortment of planks and boards for your home. Take the Dellamano collection for instance. The name itself means "of the hand" in Italian, and these hand-crafted floors live up to the hype, hand-scraped and hand-sanded into durable and elegant maple or hickory boards.

2. A new ceiling
Painting a living room or kitchen wall is all well and good, but sometimes it's not what a room really needs. To add a little spark or refreshing coat to your space, you may want to look upwards instead. Painting your ceiling can be a great way to bring new life to a space, even if you're just adding a new coat of white! Be sure to pick up plenty of tarpaulin beforehand though - things could get messy.

3. Slipcovers
Rather than take all of your furniture in for reupholstering, why not invest in a few stylish slipcovers? Slipcovers are the saving grace of living rooms across the world. When a sofa or armchair gets a little bland, picking up a slipcover in your chosen pattern or design is the perfect solution. They also make decorating for the season a blast and protect your original upholstery - just in case you want to switch back after a while.

4. Area rug
As we all know, sometimes a rug can just really tie a room together. If you feel like your living room, foyer, home office or bedroom are just lacking that one essential unifying source, it could be that an area rug is just what you need!